Spinal Fractures:

They are wounds in the spinal column in which the spine is abnormally compressed. They usually occur after severe trauma or accidents such as falls or car crashes, when all the force falls vertically on the spine and one or more vertebrae rupture.

The risk of suffering an injury of this type is that it is possible that serious damage to the nerve structures may appear and paralysis in the arms and legs can even occur.

The pain that occurs when this condition occurs is almost unbearable and is usually located in the area where the fracture is but is reflected to the nearby nerves.

Spine Surgeon Guadalajara - Spinal Fractures

Back pain from injury:

It is one of the most common reasons why people resort to the use of pain relievers. There are mainly two types of back pain: acute pain and chronic pain. The acute ones are usually very strong but last a short time and the chronic ones are those that appear every day, which can be severe or mild and come accompanied by itching, currents on the skin and muscle structures and can also cause contractures in different muscles of the body.

Back pain can spread to the legs, shoulders and even the head and occurs due to many factors that need to be studied in each particular case.

It can be accompanied by numbness in the body, tremors in the arms and legs, muscle weakness, and it is not uncommon for them to be worse when performing activities that involve strong movements.

Spine Surgeon Guadalajara - Back Pain Due to Injury


This is the inflammation in the lower part of the tailbone, the structure that is found in the lower part of the spine. When this condition is suffered, the ligaments and tendons begin to become tender and begin to hurt.

Although there is no single cause for this condition, some of the factors that can cause it are falls, trauma, repetitive physical exercises (such as cycling), sciatica, certain types of infections, injuries to the moment of delivery, fractured bones and can also occur spontaneously, without any of the above conditions present.

Causes and treatment of coccydynia

Spine surgeon Guadalajara - Spine coccydynia

Dr. Esteban castro:

With Dr. Esteban Castro we understand the many causes of spinal pain and we work with our patients individually to find out what the reason for their specific pain is. At your first consultation, we will perform an assessment of your spine that may or may not include imaging studies. After this, we will discuss the best treatment option for you.

Spinal surgeon

Reconstruction and rehabilitation of the spine

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Spinal surgeries

Surgery *
Rehabilitation *
  • Lumbar spine Rehabilitation
  • Of the sacroiliac jointsRehabilitation
  • Back exercisesRehabilitation
  • lower back pain jointsRehabilitation
  • Herniated disc exercisesRehabilitation
  • Exercises to strengthen the backRehabilitation

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